(verb) 1. to begin to grow or develop. 2. Botany. a. to develop into a plant or individual, as a seed, spore, or bulb; b. to put forth shoots; sprout; pullulate. 3. to come into existence; begin.

I watch as the rain soaks the earth, the sun dries the soil, and as if by magic, the seeds sprout.  The garden grows and I wait to taste the vegetables it will make.

In the meantime, ideas germinate.

  • I am reading this (and because it’s so good, this).  Break-your-heart, inspire-your-soul reading.
  • I watched this (no doubt for its great cinematography, score, and handsome older man) (oh, and also because I have a not-so-secret penchant for made-for-television movies!)
  • I also watched 60 minutes and liked this and this.
  • I obsessively watch this movie: it is trying to say something to me.
  • I read stuff like this and wonder what’s so wrong with it and remind me why i am not living alone anymore? Oh yeah, I had a genius idea.  This is why we are letting other ideas germinate.

I digress.

  • I drooled over this website so much today as I obsessively read most of the posts.  Love the voyeuristic aspect of looking into artists’ work/life spaces.
  • I love this (thanks, elina).
  • “Sometimes you need to change who you are, to be more who you are.”  –Me, on Facebook.  I was inspired by reading this.  I understand letting go.  Maybe, as a gesture, I, too, should cut off my hair.  No?  Ok, maybe not a good idea.
  • I also loved this blog post.
  • If I had enough money (or any money at all) I would buy everyone I know a subscription to this magazine (but you may have guessed that already…)
  • I would like to work here.
  • This weekend I made variations of this and this and hope to make this someday this week.
Gardens, cooking: both have become part of my life (especially the eating part of cooking, but not-so-much the gardening part of gardens–I leave that to the experts.)
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2 thoughts on “Germinating…

  1. Hey Nicole, This blog was fun – hope you enjoyed putting it together. Also hope you’re doing well. Are you thinking of going ‘WILD” as Strayed did?
    Will be fun to see you when/if you come to Balto.
    Stay in touch!

    • Hi Anne! Thank you–it was fun. Already I am thinking of a million things I did not add, so maybe I will put another one up soon. I would love to go “Wild” ala Strayed, but I’m not sure I’m as tough as she is, but I sure am enjoying reading about her journey! Her novel was also VERY good! Have you read anything good lately?
      I hope to see you REAL soon!! –Nicole

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